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About The Wakulla County Coalition For Youth, Inc.

Our Vision: Healthy, striving Wakulla Youth. Agencies, providers, parents and youth working together to prevent underage drinking and other substance abuse, violence, delinquency, school drop-out, depression, anxiety, and risky sexual behavior.

The WCCY takes a holistic view of the community, family, school, youth and peer groups. Of importance to the WCCY is the assurance that opportunities are being provided to youth, life skills are being strengthened, and youth are given support and recognition at home, in the community, and in school.
WCCY asks, “Are we protecting our youth by insuring they have healthy beliefs?” and ”Do we clearly teach and model what is acceptable behavior at home, at school, in the community, and among friends?”
The Coalition works across agency and provider networks serving youth to minimize risks and maximize the strength and resilience of Wakulla youth.

The Coalition maintains a community resource directory as a public service. It contains a listing of programs and services available in Wakulla County and surrounding communities.  The Coalition does not warrant that this information is accurate or complete; however, every effort was made to provide an up-to-date resource guide for families and youth of Wakulla County.  It does not assume any liability resulting from the release or use of any data or information published here.  If you are aware of additions or changes to the community resource guide, please call the Wakulla One Stop Community Center at (850) 745-6042.


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